Property Management Services


We are experienced in managing residential and commercial properties.

We have experience managing portfolios of properties, for which we collaborate with owners to provide the most cost-effective solutions and ensure high levels of occupancy and steady income. Property Management Services for both residential and commercial include:

  • Management of operating budgets
  • Completing the process of entering all new lease agreements, renewals, changes, and termination of lease agreements
  • Preparation of monthly billing of rent
  • Application of all rent deposited by respective property manager and deposits made at our office via bank scanner or directly at a local bank branch
  • Generation of late fees to tenants for paying late based upon property manager directive
  • Preparation of monthly sales tax returns, as applicable
  • Monthly payments of all commercial property bills with approval of owner of such properties
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations and enter all necessary journal entries during the month
  • Provide monthly financial statements


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